Air spring machine is used to produce and test passenger car air spring, commercial vehicle air spring and industrial air spring, etc. Air spring machine includes building machine, rolling up machine, punching machine, vulcanizing machine, press assembly machine, life time testing machine, air tightness testing machine, blasting testing machine and a variety of supporting tools, etc.

The air spring is filled with compressed air in an airtight rubber container and take advantage of the compressibility of the air and the softness of the rubber to achieve its elastic action.The stiffness of the air spring can be adjusted according to the needs. When the stiffness is lower,the riding is more comfortable.The use of air-suspended vehicles can effectively reduce the impact on the road and the vehicle itself, while reducing fuel consumption.
Air suspension has been widely used in developed countries abroad, and plate spring is widely used in China. With the development of science and technology in China, the use of air suspension will become more and more common, especially in the heavy vehicles, the country has introduced mandatory standards.
The air spring can be divided into three types according to the structure of the bellows.The capsule structure is often used in industrial applications, especially in shock absorption of equipment.The membrane structure is mainly used for the driving seat, which has good comfort and low cost.The composite structure is often used in commercial vehicles, such as truck load shafts.
After the air spring is equipped with height adjusting device, the height of the vehicle does not change with the increase or decrease of load, but the air spring suspension structure is complicated and the manufacturing cost is high.
Since 2008, our company has been engaged in the design and manufacturing of air spring equipment. Our machine is used in the production of air spring for many well-known manufacturers at domestic and abroad.
Our equipment is used in the production of passenger cars, commercial vehicles and industrial air springs, including bellows builder, vulcanization equipment, assembly equipment, testing equipment and other air spring production equipment.



Sleeved type airspring, also called sleeve type airspring. This machine is designed according to national standard GB/T 13061-2017, and used for testing the longevity of diaphragm airspring.


Airspring Lifetime Test Machine


Airspring lifetime test machine is designed referring to the national stand, GT/T 13061-2017.It is used to test bellows type and combined type airspring.


Multi Station Airspring Builder Rack


The rack is the supporting equipment of the bellows building machine, which is used for the fixed-length cutting of sealing sheet, endurance cord fabrics and oil-resistant outside rubber sheet. The rack has various forms. Our company’s six station vertical rack can be used for fixed length cutting of up to six kinds of materials.


ABV Airspring Bellow Builder


Bellows builder is used to make rubber bellows for airspring. The inner layer, the cord fabrics and the outer layer rubber sheets are rolled into the bellows through the building drum.
Then turn up by the flip over device, the steel rings are wrapped into the bellows.


Automatic Punch Machine


Punching machine, also known as bellow punching machine, is an auxiliary equipment in the production of air spring. It is used to punch the bellow at the joint of the ring and the rubber before vulcanization. These punched holes are opened to the air to ensure the precision fitting of the ring and the rubber when the air spring is vulcanized. This can ensure the quality of the air spring.



Coreless rolling-up machine, used for air spring bellow, is to wrap the steel rings into rubber sheet at the two ends of the bellow after bellow forming. After rolling up process, the bellow can then be holed and vulcanized. Rolling-up is an important process in the production of air spring.


sleeve airspring building machine


Sleeve building line is used to produce sleeved type air spring bellows with diameter below 80mm. The building line includes three in one feeding rack, conveyor belt type building machine and four station vulcanizing machine. 1 meter long sleeve bellow can be made at one time with high production efficiency.