Rubber belt machine are used to make vehicles, industrial rubber belt for power transmission. According to the different tooth shape and belt type, the machine are different. The main equipment include travelling crane, building machine, vulcanizing tank, srtip machine, back grinding machine, cutting machine, teeth grinding machine and various measuring equipment.

Too many kinds of these belts, choose belts are according to the shape of the belt drive wheel surface or equipment drive.

The classification of rubber belt includes the following methods:

According to the transmission mode, can be divided into friction type and mesh type, friction type transmission belt, when the overload will slip, but the transmission ratio is not accurate, mesh type can ensure synchronous transmission.

According to the shape of the cross section, it can be divided into flat belt, v-belt, synchronous belt and special belt,

According to the use, can be divided into automotive belt, industrial belt and agricultural belt.

The type of belt is usually distinguished by the shape of the cross section.

Flat belt is mainly used for the transfer of materials, in machining equipment, use is not common.

V belt, is the most widely used rubber belt. It is divided into ordinary v-belt, light v-belt, narrow v-belt, combined v-belt, automobile v-belt, and toothed v-belt and so on.

The timing belt is divided into trapezoid tooth synchronous belt and arc-tooth synchronous belt.

Special belts include multi – pitch, round and double – sided belts.

The name of the belt type is usually model + length.

Since 2002, our company has been cooperating with famous enterprises at domestic and abroad to design and develop transmission belt equipment. At present, we mainly design and produce automotive belt and industrial belt equipment. Including builder machine, stripper, lubricating tank, back grinding machine, pitch grinding machine, cutting machine and testing equipment.

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The pitch grinder,commonly known as small grinder,is used for grinding the shape and teeth of the belt. After the slab is cut into a single belt, a pitch grinder is used to grind the desired teeth shape.


thermal transfer printer


Thermal transfer printer uses the principle of melting instant ink at high temperature, from one medium to another medium transfer process.


belt strip machine


The stripper is used for the separation of the vulcanized timming belt, mini-pitch belt, v-belt, etc., the stripper for the mold diameter is ¢160mm–¢850mm, the height of the mold is 1000mm.


rubber belt slab building machine


rubber belt building machine is used for the forming work of rubber slab before vulcanization in belt production line, including three parts, AB-head building machine, tension automatic control pay off machine and six or eight stations rack.