2 station fruit box thermoforming machine

Plastic Thermoforming Machine

Plastic thermoforming machine using thermoplastic, such as PE, PP, PVC, PS, ABS, PMMA, PET, etc. to produce a variety of electronic trays, logistics pallets, food packaging boxes, drink cups, refrigerator liner, car roof, etc., with low cost, high efficiency, obvious investment returns and other characteristics,has been widely used in all fields of life.

ABV Building Machine

Air Spring Machine

Air spring machine is used to manufacture airsprings which are used in air suspension in passenger vehicles, commercial vehicles, driver seat support and a variety of industrial air springs, including bellows builder, vulcanization equipment and assembly machine of air springs, as well as air spring testing machine.

Our company started the design and manufacturing of air spring equipment in 2009, has more than 10 years of technical accumulation and manufacturing experience, can meet the production of various air springs.

rubber belt slab builder

Rubber Power Transmission Belt Equipment

Rubber power transmission belt equipment including travelling crane, slab builder, stripping equipment, cooling spray equipment, back grinding machine, pitch grinding machine, cutting machine and a variety of testing equipment.

Since 2002, our company has been the partner of Gates, Dayco, Conditech, Sanlux, Fengmao and other well-known companies.To provide customers from the design, manufacturing, commissioning of the whole process of services.