The sleeved type airspring test machine is used to test the service life of the air spring under simulated service conditions. This test machine is designed in accordance with GB/T 13061-2017 “Technical specification of air spring used for air suspension of commercial vehicle”, and is suitable for diaphragm (sleeve) air spring test.

According to GB/ t13061-2017 “Technical specification of air spring used for air suspension of commercial vehicle” article 5, the test items of air springs include, physical and mechanical properties test of rubber used for air bags, air tightness test of air springs, elastic characteristics test, volume test, failure test and bench fatigue test. This equipment belongs to “bench fatigue test”.

The equipment adopts symmetrical two-way swing arm, with the longest swing arm length of 0.3 m, the maximum amplitude of 200mm, the frequency adjustable within 3HZ, and the maximum test pressure of 0.8mpa. The maximum mounting height of the air spring is 500mm. Two air springs are tested simultaneously. It has the automatic counting function, the automatic replenishment gas, the automatic shutdown function when any of the bellows is damaged.

When the equipment is running, it has a large vibration and noise. The installed capacity of the equipment is 6KW.

Equipment configuration, reducer: SEW; PLC, HMI: Siemens; Bearing: SKF; Pneumatic component SMC or AIRTAC.