Pitch grinder, commonly known as the small grinder. Used for single belt grinding after cutting, grinding teeth angle and teeth shape.
The equipment consists of grinding wheel, automatic belt loading device, belt tensioning device, belt collection device, water cooling device and other parts.
Grinding parameters, belt length range: perimeter 500– 3000mm; Belt width range: 9.0-36.0 mm; Tolerance of belt width after grinding: +/ -0.3mm.
Features of the equipment, high degree of automation, easy to operate, as long as the parameters set, and hanging belts, automatic grinding, until the belt grinding finish.The grinding wheel is cooled by water spray mist, which can effectively prevent rubber dust from catching fire.The machine is standard equipped with pads of 175mm and 120mm in diameter for belts of different lengths.Servo motor is used for grinding feed and magnetic coupling cylinder is used for belt tensioning to ensure the accuracy of grinding size.The grinding wheel cover is equipped with a suction port connected with the dust removal device to remove the grinding dust in time.