The rubber slab shall be stamped with the logo of brand, model and specification in the time before cutting and after back grinding.Thermal transfer is an efficient printing method.Preprinted on the thermal transfer film of the instant ink at a temperature about 150 degrees, in the state of compression, ink transfer to the rubber slab, clear writing, simple process.
Because transfer film printing uses dot printing (resolution up to 300dpi), printing patterns are rich in layers, bright colors, small chromatic aberration, good reproducibility, can achieve the design of the design effect, and suitable for mass production.
Working process of the equipment, after the belt slab is installed with the machine’s driving roller, the tensioning roller is firstly tensioned under the drive of rodless cylinder. After the belt slab is tensioned, the heat transfer film is attached and the foot switch is stepped down. The heating roller is driven by the cylinder and presses the driving roller.
This machine is suitable for belt length of 500~2500mm, the maximum width of the slab 1050mm, the maximum thickness of the tube 22mm.