• Overview

The thermoforming of disposable plastic cups is a special plastic thermoforming process. The height diameter ratio of the cup is very large, and the material is relatively thin. The forming and release of products of this structure, relatively, is much difficult than the general plastic products, so the forming process, forming molds and machine structure design is very critical.

By summarizing and improving the plastic cup production process and the joint efforts of many technical personnel of our company, the CS series thermoforming machine is with the latest technology, which is specially used for the hot forming of disposable plastic cup products. It has the characteristics of high production efficiency, high degree of automation and small scrap rate.


  • Machine Structure

CS series thermoforming machine adopts the structure of positive and negative pressure forming, in-mold cutting, automatic stacking. It has the characteristics of high speed, high efficiency and convenient packaging. It is the most advanced cup making machine in the world at present. It is suitable for plastic cups with material thickness less than 2.5mm and height less than 200mm.

This machine consists of a feeding station, a heating station, a cutting and forming station, a turning over station, a stacking station and an on-line scrap crushing station.

For the products with higher requirements, the feeding station can be equipped with health testing facilities to ensure the quality of the finished products.

The heating adopts far infrared ceramic heating plates, and its’ multi-point thermocouple temperature control assures the heating mild,temperature field uniform.

The in-mold forming and cutting station is driven by servo motors, which has high positioning accuracy, fast response speed, up to 46 die/min. With T shape mold table, exchange of molds become highly efficient and easy. Unique connecting rod structure ensures high mold closing force for forming, which improves products quality. The height of the mold table is electrically adjusted to save labor intensity.

In turning and stacking station, the stacking quantity of packaging can be conveniently set in  the human interface of the touch screen. The stacked cups are sent to the conveyor belt for packaging directly without manual intervention.

In the online scrap crushing station, the scrap is centralized collected and crushed, and convenient for further processing.


  • Suitable Material and Products

The machine is suitable for the production of thermoplastic products of various materials, especially for the production of plastic products with large height-diameter ratio. It can also be used for the production of classic plastic products, such as disposable round products,  soup bowls etc.. It is not recommended for products with a thickness of more than 1mm.


  • Machine Parameter(CSA-680)

1 Max Forming Size 680x300mm
2 Max Forming Depth 200mm
3 Material Width 450-730mm
4 Speed 46 cycle/minute
5 Overall Power 196 Kw, AC380V
6 Weight 13.6 Ton
7 Size 15.6×2.2×2.2m(height)


  • Machine Configuration

1 PLC Delta
2 HMI Delta
3 Servo Delta
4 Cylinder Airtak
5 Heating Tile Domestic Famous
6 SSR Fotek
7 Molds Not including