• Overview

Positive-negative pressure thermoforming machine is developed on the base of vacuum (negative pressure) blister machine. The maximum forming pressure for vacuum forming is one atmosphere, while the pressure for positive-negative forming is positive pressure plus one atmosphere, usually reaching a pressure of 4-5 atmospheres. Under the combined action of the positive pressure of compressed air and vacuum, the product appearance quality and production efficiency have been significantly improved. But on the other hand, because of the use of positive pressure, making the machine’s clamping force multiplied, the use of positive-negative pressure mold at the same time, the molding station has become complex and heavy, so the positive-negative pressure forming machine relative to the vacuum forming machine needs higher accuracy and greater driving force, at the same time automatic control becomes more complex. Now CNC and PLC technology has been very mature, positive and negative pressure molding is an inevitable trend to replace negative pressure forming.

The characteristics of positive-negative pressure thermoforming machine is high speed, high quality, automatic. According to the different requirements of product process, It can be divided into two, three, four or even five stations.

Our AS series automatic positive-negative pressure thermoforming machine includes two stations, three stations and four stations, and according to the size of the forming area, there are a variety of models, including AS2-750, AS2-650, AS3-750, AS3-650 and so on, which can meet the vast majority of thin plastic parts processing, for special process requirements of the machine, please inquire.


  • Machine Structure

Automatic positive-negative pressure thermoforming machine usually contains the following stations: feeding station, heating station, forming station, punching station, cutting station, stacking station and scrap collection station. Two station machine using in-mold cutting structure, which forming and cutting is combined into one station, is relatively more advanced machines. In addition, the machine is equipped with vacuum system and cooling system.

The feeding station is driven by motor and cushioned by floating roller, so as to ensure the consistency of feeding speed and material tension. The width limit can be adjusted to adapt to the material roll with different width. For the finished products with higher requirements, health testing facilities can also be selected to ensure the quality of the finished products.

Heating station, using far infrared ceramic heating tile, multi-point thermocouple temperature control, which ensures heating mild, uniform temperature field. On the HMI, the temperature can be set freely and independently, under the PID control of high precision temperature module, temperature precision control within the range of ±1℃, effectively ensure the subsequent product molding.

The forming and cutting station adopts servo motors, with high positioning accuracy and fast speed response, up to 40 cycles/min. Forming and punching table adopts T shape structure, mold locked by cylinders, high efficiency of molds exchanging. The up and down movement of the mold tables is using a unique connecting rod structure, which ensure the forming and punching has a high clamping force. The height of the mold tables is electrically adjusted to adapt to the different height of molds, saving labor and effort.

Automatic stacking mechanism, the machine is equipped with a stacking manipulator with suction cups, its picking is light, fast and accurate, effectively protect the appearance quality of finished products. The number of stacking can be set on the human-machine interface of the touch screen.

The scrap is collected in a centralized way, and the scrap after the finished product is taken out is wound into a roll by the receiving roller to facilitate subsequent processing.

  • thermoforming machine detailsSuitable Material and Products

It is widely used for thermoplastics with thickness between 0.2-2mm, such as fast food box, fruit box, egg tray, electronic tray, seedling tray and so on.


  • Machine Parameter

Specifications AS3-750 AS3-650
1 Max Forming Size, mm 750×610 650×500
2 Max Forming Height, mm 120 120
3 Max Speed, cycle/min 50 50
4 Max Material Width, mm 800 700
5 Max Material Roll Diameter, mm 600 600
6 Rated Power, Kw 125 102
7 Heating Power, Kw 88 66
8 Power AC380V,50-60Hz
9 Compressed Air Pressure, MPa 0.5-0.7
10 Air Consumption, M3/Min 3.2 (1.5 M3 air tank) 2.6 (1 M3 air tank)
11 Size, M 10.5×2.1×3 10.5×1.8×3
12 Weight, ton 10.5 9.7


  • Configuration(standard)

1 PLC Delta
2 HMI Delta
3 Servo Motor Delta
4 Pneumatic Parts Airtak
5 Vacuum Pump Zhongde or famous domestic brand
6 Bearing hawaluo
7 Gearbox Famous domestic brand
8 Electrical Parts Delixi or famous domestic brand