This machine is designed for making plastic wall panel from PVC coil material with thickness of 1.6mm and width of 500mm. It can also be used for the production of other plastic products. The length of products shall not exceed 1500mm.

The equipment includes unwinding, preheating, feeding, heating furnace, baffle gate, forming, cutting (longitudinal, transverse and punching), turn over and stacking mechanism.

Servo driven Feeding ensures high positioning accuracy. The electric furnace adopts the independent control structure of the upper and lower double electric furnace, and each two heating units is equipped with a temperature sensor, which can control the temperature by multiple points to ensure the molding effect of the products. The forming area is upper and lower mold structure, which can be used for vacuum forming, positive and negative pressure forming and matched mold forming. The mold is equipped with a special mechanism, which can form wall panel installation buckle in the same time. Machine forming, punching and cutting using hydraulic drive ensures closing force, punching and cutting force heavy.

The machine is a full-automatic production line, and the efficiency of making 500×1500 wall panels is 180-240 pieces/hour. Productivity varies depending on the product.

The equipment has been designed and optimized for many times, and the operation is stable.

This machine produces wall panels, which the modelling is beautiful, the level is clear, the stereo feeling is strong, and well received by customers.

Equipment specification: 500×1500;

Total installed power: 130KW;

Dimensions: 16200x1400x2900 (high);

Total weight: 16000KG.

Forming mode: single mold or double mold;

Molding drive: hydraulic;

Hydraulic power: 18KW;

Vacuum Power: 5KW.

Heating: halogen lamp or ceramic tile;

Heating power: 82KW;

Heating furnace structure: two-side heating;

Temperature control: multi-point temperature control.