The equipment can be used for the production of polyethylene PE, polypropylene PP, PVC, PS, acrylonitrile – butadiene – polystyrene ABS, PMMA and other conventional engineering plastic products, such as electronic pallet, vehicle interior decoration board, decorative wall board and other large area products.

The equipment is equipped with a heating station and two forming stations, making full use of heating and molding time, greatly improving the production efficiency of the whole machine. The mold is set below the forming area, which can be easily installed and replaced.

The equipment consists of feeding system, heating system, temperature control system, hydraulic system, vacuum forming system, discharging system.

The equipment adopts PLC and touch screen control, feeding, heating, forming and discharging also automatic control. The temperature adopts multi-point temperature control mode to ensure the molding quality of products.

Equipment specification: 2000×3000;

Total installed power: 200KW;

Dimensions: 11000x8000x2400 (high);

Total weight: 22000KG.

Forming mode: single mold or double mold;

Molding drive: hydraulic;

Hydraulic power: 15KW.

Heating: halogen lamp or ceramic tile;

Heating power: 162KW;

Heating furnace structure: one-side heating;

Temperature control: multi-point temperature control.